GIGA Clip by Air Spencer (9 scents available)


Product Information:

The Giga Air Clip is a refillable car air freshener made to easily clip onto the A/C vents of your car. As air passes through you will get a very subtle yet mesmerizing scent that is sure to make your car ride more enjoyable. Open your door to a ambience of bliss.

  1. Marine Squash - Surround yourself with a hint of Jasmine and Rose
  2. Tonight - Where fresh fruits & florals mix to create a floral fresh harmony
  3. Whity Musk - A sweet white floral scent
  4. Squash - A heavenly citrus scent 
  5. Pink Shower - Elegant & sweet floral scent
  6. Orangina - Fresh oranges never smelled so good
  7. Green Breeze - Let's go deep into the green with a hint of a juicy fruit batch
  8. After Shower - Freshly watered floral scents never smelled so good
  9. Marine Squash (Black Edition Blue Trim) - Surround yourself with a hint of Jasmine and Rose


  • Clips to A/C vent
  • Refillable (Refills sold separately)
  • 100% authentic Japanese imported product
  • Free Shipping



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